Collection wells and cogeneration system

The qualitative and quantitative characterization of biogas collected in a MSW landfill is an efficient tool to judge its management, providing important information about the gas mixture composition and on the efficiency of the biogas collecting systems. In the case of energy recovery plants, it is also essential to minimize the uncontrolled degassing from a landfill body and to maximize biogas extraction thus avoiding air intake into the system.

 West Systems offers a high quality service based on specific instruments and sampling methodologies for the monitoring of conveyed biogas. The characterization of gases is performed by means of highly reliable portable analyzers such as Geotech and Dräger X-am ® 7000, designed for the direct measurement of the main gas components (O2, CH4, CO2, H2S and water steam) and through 2-lines sampling(o 2 sampling lines)(linee di 2 campionamento ?) provided with selective supports to determine odor components, even at low concentrations.

The characterization takes place in the collection wells of the landfill body, on the direct torch biogas sampling lines, and, if present, on those of the cogeneration system. Eachmonitoring survey is planned in agreement with the client and according to the characteristics of the system.

West Systems performs all analysis and processing of data collected during the survey, providing a complete screening of the sampled biogas and advice on the collecting system functioning. This allows the identification of different biogas compositions at each sampled well, revealing eventual critical situations.


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