POR FESR 2014-2020 DANTE

Difesa dalle rAdiazioni ionizzanti con Nuovi sistemi di misura e proTEzione

WEST SYSTEMS. Project co-financed under Tuscany
POR FESR  2014-2020


  • West Systems s.r.l. (leader)
  • Next technology Tecnotessile Società Nazionale di Ricerca r.l.
  • IFC - CNR
  • Brooklin s.r.l.
  • LTA s.r.l.

The DANTE project develops a new measurement and protection system against ionizing radiation exposure. The project aims to merge dosimetry measurements and radiation shielding materials to create a new generation of DPI. The device will be formed by a lead free radio-protective garment to shield the operator from ionizing radiation, an active dosimeter for the acquisition, processing and data storage, and an Augmented Reality (AR) system for real-time display of dosimetric information.

The sensitive garment will be designed using chemical elements such as bismuth or tungsten. They have shielding properties similar to those of lead, but they are more light, mouldable and ductile than lead.

The active dosimeter will be composed of:

  • one or more sensors, for signal acquisition 
  • electronic control unit (CPU), for data collection, processing and storage
  • data transmission system
  • power system
  • alarm system, for exceeding of exposure thresholds

The augmented reality system will consist of a glasses to display dosimetric information without interfering with the operator's activities.

These dosimeters will be able to measure the operational dose quantities  as ICRU recommendations. The measures concern  the personal dose equivalent to 10 mm (Hp (10)), defined to provide an estimate of dose to the whole body, the personal dose equivalent to 3 mm (Hp (3)), defined to provide a conservative estimate of equivalent dose to the lens, and the personal dose equivalent at 0.07 mm (Hp (0.07)), defined to provide an equivalent dose estimation at the skin.

In conclusion, the DANTE project aims to create new personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to provide a real time feedback and, simultaneously, the highest level of protection for workers that are exposed to ionizing radiation.