The station is able to measure:

  • Carbon dioxide flow in soils by utilizing the accumulation chamber.
  • (optional) Hydrogen sulfide flow in soils by utilizing the accumulation chamber.
  • Air temperature.
  • Soil temperature.
  • Wind velocity and direction.
  • Air relative humidity.
  • Amount of water in soils.
  • Barometric pressure.
  • Gas flow along the sampling line.
  • Amount of precipitation (rainwater).

The station is completely automated, supplied by solar panels and a buffer battery. The station carries out the measurement with a configurable frequency (usually one per hour).

COdetector: Draeger Polytron IR CO2
Measurement range for CO2:

  • From 1 to 350 mol/(mx day) accuracy: +- 10%
  • From 350 to 600 mol/(mx day) accuracy: +- 25%
  • From 600 to 1500 mol/(mx day) accuracy: +- 25%

Sensors for environmental parameters

  • Sensor for soil temperature: sounding line Pt100 from 0 to 200 °C
  • Amount of water in soils by using a sounding line with time-domain reflectrometry
    • Range: 5-50% [(water volume/soil volume)%]
  • Sensor for wind velocity and direction
    • Measurement range: 0-60 m/sec; 0 - 360°
  • Thermohygrometer with double anti-radiant protection
    • Relative humidity: from 10 to 98%
    • Temperature: from -30 to 70°C
  • Other sensors are available on request

The station is supplied by solar panels. During nights and other periods of low solar irradiation, the supply will be provided by a buffer battery. In order to prevent damage to the battery, an “ad-hoc” circuit has been designed to turn the station off once the battery is too low.

Contents of the station
The shelter of the station is made from stainless steel AISI316. Weather sensors and photovoltaic panels are attached to the shelter.

Procedure for gathering data
The station is equipped with a data logger able to gather and memorize the sampled values. A radio modem or a GSM/GPRS modem enables the transmission of information through a data reception center.

A specific software (designed by) West Systems brings about the cyclic analysis of the station, process the data obtained, memorize them in a database (format MS Access or MySQL), generates sampled data graph and creates a report compatible with Excel.



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