West Systems is deeply involved in the research for alternative energy sources, in contributing to a cleaner planet and for the creation of eco-sustainable energy systems.

Currentlythe company can provide complete assistance for the realization of photovoltaic systems, by offering a “turnkey” package and complete assistance to its clients in all operative phases:

Feasibility Study:

  • Verification of the technical feasibility and theeconomic-financial budget of the project, providing advice and support on obtaining financialassistance
  • Analysis of the environmental impact of the project (LCA)
  • Customized 3D design of panel arrangement to maximize the solar energy collection.

 Business plan

  • Economic-financial evaluation on a multi-year framework
  • Determination of net balance and breakeven point (business plan and break-even)
  • Financing agreements with banks, up to 100% of the system cost and paid in installments for the whole duration of the energy bill (20 years)

 Design and Installation

  • Executive Project in accordance with the technical specifications required by Ministerial Decree 19/02/2007, including Use Manual, Maintenance&Safety Program, and Chronological Schedule of activities
  • Procedures for the connection to the electrical network; preliminary checks with the Electrical company representatives to assess calibration and coordinate protection.
  • Electrical Project, request of connection to the Electrical Company network, including structural calculations for the modules installation
  • Construction Management and End of Work declaration: Financial Regulations forthe paralleling padding of the system and to pass the system testing, Declaration of System Conformity according to law 37/08, to the Electrical Company requirements and to CEI standards

 West Systems provides free consultation to improve the energetic efficiency of new buildings. This includes the design and installation of architecturally integrated PV systems on pitched and flat roofs, facades, sunshades, canopies and shelters. It also includes the design and development of non integrated PV systems such as ground-based plants, solar farms and tracking systems (one or two axes)


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