Accomplished works



New hotel complex – in the Fiera area, Rho – Milan. 600 rooms, 50 suites, conference rooms and locations with every comfort. Realization of the whole automated system. In particular: the refrigeration unit of 4,200 kW water-cooled and total heat recovery, district heating system connected to the waste-to-energy incinerator of Figino (Milan) and the supervision system of technological systems. 

Amount  € 11,500,000.00

Residence QuarkDue – Via Lampedusa 11/A – Milan. Realization of air conditioning, heating, water and sanitary systems on the 7th, 8th and 9th floor, administration hall, technological stations overhaul and gym. 

Amount  € 523,000.00

Hotel & Residence Ripamontidue – Via dei Pini, 1 – Pieve Emanuele – Milan. Conversion of the thermal power plant to natural gas; partial renewal of: the sanitary water preparation system, the fan coils system, the chilled water production plant and the heat recovery system. 

Amount  € 420,000.00


New Residential Complex New Polo Urbano Citylife, residences Libeskind – Milan. Final design and realization of the residences automated systems. 

Amount  € 10,000,000.00

New residential complex – Fiera area – Milan. Technological and special systems in three residential towers of 16 floors for a total of 30,000.00 square meters. 

Amount  € 4,550,000.00

New residential complex "Lotto Corso Como" – Area Porta Nuova – Milan. Realization of automated, electrical and special systems in the buildings. 

Amount  € 4,100,000.00


New European Institute of Oncology – Milan. Realization of the whole automated and electrical systems. 

Amount  € 7,500,000.00

Multispecialist centre MultiMedica – Milan. Building and structural works, realization of automated and electrical systems for the outfit of the new P.E.T. hall, the support rooms and the magnetic resonance and radiology wards of the headquarters in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan). 

Amount  € 1,300,000.00

Hospital Niguarda Ca' Granda – Milano. Requalification and expansion of SIAPRI Pavilion 21, "ex Boarding School run by Nuns."

Amount  € 910,000.00

Hospital "SS. Antonio e Biagio" and "C. Arrigo" – Alessandria. Realization of technological systems and structural building works necessary for a new technologycal plate. 

Amount  € 830,000.00


Marina of Loano – SV. Creation of the whole automated system for Belvedere buildings and Yacht Club. 

Amount  € 1,600,000.00


New Palace Unicredit Offices – Via L. Cambi – Milan. Realization of all the technological systems in the building, 14 floors above ground and 4 underground.

Amount  € 3,200,000.00

Barracks "T. Testero" – Genova. Technological systems of the whole renovated building. 

Amount  € 550,000.00

Blue Note – Milan. Realization of all technological systems, automated and electrical installations, including kitchens and bars, and in particular soundproofing, acoustic, lighting, filtration and ventilation systems. 

Amount  € 456,000.00


Railway Stations of La Spezia – Reggio Emilia – Ferrara – Savona – Vercelli. Building and system renovation for the recovery and the functional adaptation of buildings and outdoor urban and rail spaces. 

Amount  € 9,200,000.00

Domodossola - Swiss Border railway line. Arrangement of office building, upgrading workshops, construction of lift and two electric trains remittances, placing appliances at the side of the railway, the complete accomplishment of the side yards of station, regulatory compliance substations, construction of coating booth containment and shed and washing plant construction.

Amount  € 1,400,000.00


Lines 1 - 2 - 3 – railway stations and parks – M.M. – Milan. Facility Management of plumbing, air conditioning, cooling systems in remote control rooms, UPS of the ESS, toilet air extraction system, warning and evacuation, electrical, lighting systems and sockets FM for public open areas, service and tunnel systems, automated, fire detection and fire systems, cleaning and pest control, blacksmith and tinsmith interventions, painter, glazier, plumber, etc.

Amount  € 17,500,000.00

A.T.M. Depot – Milan. Management, operation and maintenance of heating systems, engaging the Third Head of corporate deposits.

Amount  € 13,100,000.00

Lines 1 - 2 - 3 Maintenance of air conditioning systems of technical rooms and toilet air extraction system. 

Amount  € 1,810,000.00

Tunnels and railway stations Lines 1 - 2 - 3 – Milan. Preventive and corrective maintenance of the ventilation systems in tunnels and railway. 

Amount  € 1,650,000.00

Lines 2 – 3 and automatic light rail M.M. – Milan. Maintenance of lighting systems and motive power of: railways and tunnels lines 2 and 3 and the automatic light rail, section Cascina Gobba/S. Raffaele.

Amount  € 1,500,000.00

Highways A/4 Milan/Brescia - A/7 Milano/Serravalle and Genova/Serravalle - A/10 Genova/Savona - A/12 Genova/Sestri Levante - A/26 Voltri/Gravellona Toce. Maintenance of air conditioning and hydraulic systems of the service stations and the highway toll gates.

Amount  € 3,500,000.00

Deutsche Bank S.p.A. – Milan. Global service of the heating, air-conditioning, hot-cold air system, thermotecnic, electrical and similar systems, lighting and motive power, electric signs, electro generators and uninterruptible power supplies, intercom or similar, fire system, water and sanitary systems, meteoric and irrigation water disposal in Milan and its province (different headquarters, agencies and archives).

Amount  € 7,320,000.00

Royal Palace, Opera House, Arengario and buildings in Via Larga. Management and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems, including all the heating equipment, air conditioning, water, electronic, electromechanical and similar, with the control of the Royal Palace and the Opera House systems during the exhibitions and shows.

Amount  € 620,000.00

Municipal buildings, urban and suburban underpasses, areas 1 ÷ 20 – Milan. Maintenance of technological systems of water, kitchens laundry, metric tools, gas, refrigeration, ventilation, meteoric and wastewater lifting, various complementary equipments in municipal buildings or in buildings under municipal jurisdiction and urban and suburban underpasses in areas 1 ÷ 20.

Amount  € 310,000.00

Urban and suburban municipal school and state-owned buildings, areas 1-2-3 and colonies of Andora, Ghiffa and Zambla. Ordinary maintenance of urban and suburban municipal school and state-owned buildings and electrical works on Cemetery buildings - Electrical contractor works.

Amount  € 392,000.00

Condominium Airone Pieve Emanuele – Milan. Conservative maintenance, operation and technological system maintenance, engaging the 3rd Head of the buildings of the Condominium Airone in Via Brodolini, Pieve Emanuele (Milan).

Amount  € 110,000.00

Condominium Via Prati, 10/12/14. Operation and maintenance of heating, automated and electrical systems, engaging the 3rd Head of the buildings for the residential condominium complex in Milan, Via Prati 10/12/14.

Amount  € 140,000.00

ATA HOTEL EXPO FIERA in via Keplero – Pero. Ordinary, preventive and extraordinary maintenance of the technological systems installed at ATA HOTEL EXPO FIERA in via Keplero – Pero.

Amount  € 228,000.00

U15 building in Assago¬ Milanofiori. Operation and ordinary maintenance of the heating, air conditioning and electrical systems installed at U15 building in Assago¬ Milanofiori.

Amount € 35,000.00

Buildings in Milan and its province. Total maintenance, including the building works for autoclaves, fire system, pumping stations and water systems, centralized and autonomous heating systems, including the building works required, in buildings located in Milan and its province, owned by Aler Milano. 

Amount  € 1,741,000.00

Municipal buildings Fulvio Testi e Bussero – Milan. Adaptation to standards (D.P.R. 218/98) of the gas systems in the Municipal buildings located in Milano – Fulvio Testi e Bussero – lot 4.

Amount  € 125,500.00

Building in Via Garibaldi n. 23/D – Vimodrone – Milan. Extraordinary maintenance for the adaptation and installation of flues in Vimodrone Via Garibaldi n. 23/D. (11IM08).

Amount  € 95,700.00

Banca Leonardo - Milan. Operation, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of air conditioning systems of the common parts of the building in Via Broletto 44-46 – Milan.

Amount  € 115,000.00

Banca Popolare di Verona e Novara. Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of air conditioning and centrifugal refrigeration unit in Via S. Margherita n. 3 – Milan.

Amount  € 562,000.00

Banco di Napoli S.p.A. Operation and maintenance of electrical and hot-cold air systems in buildings located in Milan, Piazza Cordusio 2; in the Agencies n. 2 in via Montenapoleone, n. 4 p.le Corvetto, n. 6 via Aselli - Milan and the Archive in Opera Via Cavedini.

Amount  € 51,000.00

Cassa di Risparmio di Parma e Piacenza. Operation and maintenance of thermotecnical systems at CARIPARMA buildings in Milan, Via Armorari, via della Torre, 18, Central Passage and Cantù.

Amount  € 132,200.00

Intesa SanPaolo – Rome and its province.Ordinary and preventive maintenance of the electric, hot-cold air, water and sanitary systems at BANCA INTESA branches in Rome and its province, north and south. 

Amount  € 100,000.00 

Blue Note – Milan.Operating and maintenance of the air-conditioning and technological system, engaging the 3rd Head of the thermal system at Blue Note in Milan, via Borsieri 37. 

Amount  € 105,000.00 

Air Liquide S.P.A. – Milan Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the air-conditioning and electric systems at AIR LIQUIDE SPA via Ciardi – Milan. 

Amount  € 20,000.00

Netscalibur S.r.l. – Milan, Padua, Turin, Genoa, Varese, Bologna, Rome, Naples. Operation and maintenance of the air conditioning and electric systems in the buildings of the company NETSCALIBUR SRL located in Milan, Padua, Turin, Genoa, Varese, Bologna, Rome, Naples.

Amount  € 288,500.00 

Buildings in viale Brenta, 29 and via Lampedusa 11/A – Milan. Extraordinary maintenance of the thermal system in the buildings in Milan, viale Brenta 29 and Via Lampedusa 11/A, buildings A-B-C. 

Amount € 500.000,00

Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana – Milan. Maintenance of technological systems at the TV Production Centre in Sempione, 27 – Milan, and its dependences.  

Amount  € 130,000.00

ELSAG BAYLEY Hartmann & Braun – Pero. Operation and ordinary maintenance of the automated, air conditioning, heating, sanitary syatems and the electrical substation at ELSAG BAYLEY Hartmann & Braun – Pero. 

Amount  € 90,000.00 

Fondazione IRCCS Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Mangiagalli E Regina Elena – Milan. Maintenance of the electrical system of the Hospital in Via Commenda and of the hospital Regina Elena – Milan. 

Amount  € 455,000.00 

Geriatric Istitute“P. Redaelli” – Milan. Operation and maintenance, telemanagement included, of the air-conditioning systems.

Amount  € 370,000.00 

A.S.L. of the Province of Lodi. Maintenance of water systems, air conditioning, hidrothermal systems at the hospitals and ASL dependences.

Amount  € 310,000.00 

European Institute of Oncology - Via Ripamonti - Milan. Maintenance of technological and automated systems I.E.O. 2 Day Center. 

Amount  € 40,000.00