West Systems lants/building was born with the aim of creating added value in terms of services offered, to the parent company, West Systems, and its customers, in the field of technological system and construction. It developed with the acquisition of company business units specialized in the field, absorbing its workers and inheriting the know-how and the experience of over 30 years of history. Its technical and managerial skills, proven by numerous and important works carried out and executed to ensure the achievement of quality objectives, has been established by West Systems as its mission statement. West Systems plants/building is able to operate at 360 degrees, from the planning stage up to the work acceptance test and also ensures the after-sales maintenance services. West Systems plants/building is organized into different "Business Unit": automated and electrical systems, building renovation and service. West Systems plants/building is focused on creating solutions aiminig at saving energy and environmental sustainability. The experience gained in the field of LEED certification, environmental sustainability program at the international level, has led the company to look for solutions, materials and resources used at the forefront on in this field. We believe that the works carried out to the satisfaction of the customers, are the best references that we can give. A brief statement of them is shown below.




  • air conditioning, air treatment, sanitizing and climate control
  • thermal power station / refrigeration
  • water and sanitary
  • fire prevention
  • irrigation
  • cleanrooms
  • filtration
  • sewage disposal
  • cogeneration


  • high/medium/low voltage
  • telecommunication
  • supervision and control
  • automation


  • sound safety / soundproof
  • smoke and gas detection
  • building and home automations


  • property renovation
  • structural works
  • glass cladding
  • walls and shiny beveled doors and windows
  • soundproof
  • marbles
  • iron frameworks
  • roofs


  • management and maintenance of thermal and refrigerating power stations
  • automated systems maintenance
  • electrical system maintenance
  • building maintenance
  • building automations management
  • fully-integrated management of housing estates, service sector and industrial parks